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A small dump truck lay abandoned and overlooked in a garden. That was until Lawrie arrived and immediately had a feeling that the little thing was coming home with him. Throwing it into the back of the works van, and returning it to The Shed, Humpty quickly returned to life and has been invaluable ever since. 

Current Status - Operational


Humpty was built somewhere in the 1970's. Currently the team doesn't know much more about it's history, bar that it's a 15 cwt Liner Roughrider, with the front wheels being change out to be those of a Landrover. The family who owned it taught their children to drive with it, and used it in their rather large garden for moving green waste about. With the kids moving out, the steering loose and it being a paint to hand crank into life, it lay forgotten about. 
After Lawrie fell in love with it and returned it to The Shed, some fresh oil and a bump start was all that was required to get the little Petter PH1 running again. Single Cylinder goodness. 
The steering is shot, as is the skip, the gearbox leaks, and the seat is missing. Apart from that, it's a super little thing. 

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