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Previously, Lawrie has had a rule of no vehicles newer than 2000, but when this car was offered up at £250 with a brand new MOT, he couldn't say no, expecting it to be a heap, that would make for an amusing video. 
As it turns out, it's really quite good. 

Current Status - On the road


The 'new' mini was initially a car that Lawrie hated - way back in 2004 when this one rolled off the production line. It was not a Mini, in looks or size. In the following 18 years however, the car has grown on him. Mostly because compared todays crop of vehicles, it is actually rather small. 

A friend shared the car with Lawrie knowing that he was on the look for the cheapest possible driving car to shoot a video with. The resulting vehicle, purchased unseen from a Pub car park, has been rather surprisingly good. Despite some 'sun damage' to the bonnet, which is unlike any other sun damage the team has ever seen, the rest of the car seems in rather good stead, and has quickly become Lawrie's daily. This machine has now racked up quite the mileage, recently ticking over the 100,000. 

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