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The Supra

One of Jayemm's less good purchases, the Supra was purchased sight unseen, before he found the Celica GT4 he was looking for. Having already paid for the car, Jayemm offered the car to Lawrie which he accepted, on the condition the car wasn't rotten. 

Current Status - Requires full strip down


The Supra is an instantly recognisable and super cool car - the second most desirable of Lawrie's collection to Matt. Equipped with it's straight six engine, cruise control, cool dash, luxurious seats, and the coolest feature of all, pop up headlights. 
Having had the car delivered to The Shed the initial response was positive. It fired up, and the pop ups worked. Further investigation found the inside to be very damp, the brakes binding, and most of the electrical systems to be non functional. The car went into the 'carcoon' for a month to dry out, and following that, no long would start. 
Investigation concluded that the fuel pump had died - but during this it was found that the car has a significant about of rot in it, and requires extensive restoration. At which point, a conversation was had with Jayemm, with Lawrie offering to return to the car, but stressing due to the nature of the rot, several parts that had been removed to explore the condition of the car simply now could not be reattached. The result was Jayemm gave the project away. Since then, it has been parked at the back of The Shed until time and money are available to completely strip the car. 

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