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One of the most unusual looking cars that Lawrie has ever come across, the NX has one key feature which sets it apart from it's contemporaries. It is fitted with a Targa roof, which instantly makes it super cool. With less than 25 Pacific Blue examples left, it's becoming quite the rare machine. 

Current Status - Undergoing restoration 


The N100 remains one of those cars which LMM really can't figure out who Nissan thought their target market was. It's got interesting stylistic choices, but overall sporty lines, T - top roof, an underpowered 1.6 litre 4 pot, and some amazingly soft suspension. 
As a result, it makes a car which doesn't really excel in any area. Lawrie however, finds it to be an exceedingly pleasant way to go for a trundle. 
When Lawrie's initial LMMons car got to the stage of certainty it would not make the event, there was a but a week to go to find something fun. The NX appeared at the right time for the right money, and following a trip to Brighton to collect it, Lawrie fell in love with it. 
It performed flawlessly on LMMons, having had it's test run to the Amerton Railway a few days prior for filming, and following the trip it became Lawrie's dayly, until 5th gear decided it was no longer needed. A replacement gearbox was sourced, but one drive shaft became stuck during the replacement, and as a result both gearboxes were sent away to be rebuilt into one. 
Following this, inspection of the engine bay found rust starting to take hold, so the engine was also removed to allow for wire brushing, rust prevention and repainting to take place. Removing the bumper from the is Sunny derived car was one of the most frustrating things Lawrie has yet to attempt. 

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