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The vehicle that really cemented Lawrie and Jayemm's friendship, Redruth is the result of putting a bid on Ebay to see what would happen. £500 later, Lawrie had purchased his third vehicle. In Redruth, Cornwell. The machine drove home with no real issues, but needs substantial work. 

Current Status - Under Overhaul


Built by Dodge Renault in 1986 as a Commando Series 100 Series lorry, and converted to a Fire Engine by the short lived Mountain Range this particular type of truck was exclusively used by the Greater Manchester Fire Service, with one other known to still exist, though at time of writing, it's still sat in a scrapyard. The Dodge was not well received following the Dennis RS's that it superseded, when the idea was raised, the crews and mechanics all saying "Please don't do this". They were ignored. 
The Dodge is powered by the same Perkins 540 as in the Dennis, but is mated to a three speed manual box. It has such exciting features as a tipping cab, and currently significantly less cab than it started life with. 
She survived by being a training appliance for GMFS, before being sold, and somehow ended up at Weston-Super-Mare, where the previous owner, when drunk, decided it would be a good purchase on Ebay. 
He used it for a few years, before putting it up for sale. 
Lawrie travelled to Redruth to drive the machine home, and since then has investigated it's condition, finding the floor to be notably absent in some areas. 
Recently a new front end was acquired, and the future of Redruth is looking a little brighter. 

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